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Driver File Management

We have added our online vehicle maintenance management service in addition to our online driver qualification file management service and our online company documents management service required for DOT Safety Compliance. Once all documents are reviewed and uploaded by our office the only items you should need to bring to a DOT Safety Audit is your Hours of Service Records.  All other documents would be located and tracked on our website.
All three File Management Services we provide an online storage of records with monthly emails of items in the file that are delinquent or are about to expire. The online files can be reviewed by your office and by a DOT safety auditor. It is an efficient way to meet the driver qualification and vehicle maintenance requirements. Contact our office for further details.

News (Updated 4/21/17)

We now offerElectronic Logging Drvices through Geotab. Please contact our office for additional information.

Effective December 10, 2016 the HOS 34 hour restart regulations are permanent. Drivers will be permitted to restart their weekly hours by taking at least 34 consecutive hours off-duty, regardless of whether or not it includes two periods of time between 1 A.M.. and 5 A.M.. A driver can also utilize the restart more than one time per week if necessary.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published its Electronic Log rule that will requires all interstate truck drivers to use electronic logging devices by December 16, 2017. The new rule requires ELDs to be integrated with the truck’s engine and to use location information. Software is still being developed so the data can be extracted and analyzed by the FMCSA, states and carriers. Electronic Log regulations have been ruled by the court that the regulations are to be implemented 12/16/17 but they are in limbo due to the new presidential change and pending appeals.
A summary of the new rule can seen at this link: Electronic Logging Devices Rule Summary
We are currently testing ELD and will be offering the devices to our clients in thenear future.
All vehicles and vehicle combinations over 26,000 GVW will have to be equipped with a speed limiter. The effective date and the required maximum speed limit that the device must be set to for this new regulation has not been established. We will keep you informed.
For every 24-hour period the driver is on duty, carriers must maintain no more than 8 supporting documents from either of these categories (1) bills of lading, itineraries, schedules or other documents that show trip origin and destination, (2) dispatch records, trip records or similar documents (3) expense receipts, (4) electronic mobile communication records sent through fleet management systems or (5) payroll records, settlement sheets or similar documents that show what and how a driver was paid.
Effective December 4, 2015 the FMCSA has eliminated carrier’s CSA scores from public view  Carrier's violations and accidents can now be reviewed by the public. Only the FMCSA officials and carrier with pin numbers can view the driver information. Please contact us if you need any information on your CSA scores.
Truck drivers will still be required to perform post-trip inspections, but if no issues are found, no report has to be submitted. Drivers will also still be required to perform pre-trip inspections of their equipment. Under the new rule, truckers would only have to file DVIRs when they detect a safety issue with the truck.  If there are no issues with the truck, then a DVIR is not required to be filed. Carriers will also still be required to review the reports and act on any deficiencies prior to dispatching the truck again.

Notify your drivers that the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners went into effect May 21, 2014. Now, all interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers that drive single units or combination units over 10,000 GVW must obtain their medical certificates from a certified medical examiner listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.
Find a certified medical examiner in your area—or anywhere in the country—by following these three simple steps.
Visit the National Registry Web site and search by Zip Code, State, or examiner name.
Choose a certified medical examiner from the list and call to make an appointment. 
If your preferred health care professional is not on the list, simply refer him or her to the Certified Medical Examiners page to learn more about getting certified. 
Effective April 20, 2016 the new Medical Examinators Report and Medical cards must be used. These new forms have an expiration date of 8/31/18 at the top of the forms.

States are now requiring each CDL driver to update their CDL records with a current copy of their medical card. The FMCSA now requires that all drivers re-certify their CDL license with one of four categories and submit their medical card if the driver is an interstate driver. Some states are putting drivers out of service for failure to comply with the medical card regulation.

PSP Reports

Need  PSP pre-employment screening program reports for potential new drivers, call our office.

Federal & State Renewals

Renewing your Federal and State credentials can be made easy. We track and renew your permits and licenses. Just request that we handle your renewals.


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