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We provide consulting services for the trucking industry.

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Driver File Management

We have added our online vehicle maintenance management service in addition to our online driver qualification file management service and our online company documents management service required for DOT Safety Compliance. Once all documents are reviewed and uploaded by our office the only items you should need to bring to a DOT Safety Audit is your Hours of Service Records.  All other documents would be located and tracked on our website.
All three File Management Services we provide an online storage of records with monthly emails of items in the file that are delinquent or are about to expire. The online files can be reviewed by your office and by a DOT safety auditor. It is an efficient way to meet the driver qualification and vehicle maintenance requirements. Contact our office for further details.

PSP Reports

Need  PSP pre-employment screening program reports for potential new drivers, call our office.

Federal & State Renewals

Renewing your Federal and State credentials can be made easy. We track and renew your permits and licenses. Just request that we handle your renewals.


We offer an Electronic Log system through Geotab.  This system is compliant with both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and with the mileage record keeping requirements of IFTA & IRP.  You will no longer have to collect and keep trip reports and paper log books from your drivers.  

We offer the ELD with a no-contract and a low monthly fee per unit for electronic logs and mileage tracking.  There is a one time setup fee per unit which includes database, user and vehicle set up.  There are many reports and alerts available to track and improve drivers habits. 
The unit plugs into the OBM port and the electronic logs are run on your smartphone or a tablet with a data plan. 
We also offer a plan that does not include electronic logs at a low monthly rate per unit per month along with the one time setup fee.  You would be able to track all of your vehicles on the map and all mileage would be recorded. 
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